And so the cat explodes. Thus time to revamp the entire system.

Well, the NB had been stalled for a pretty long time. After a good bit of DDing it, it started to get really down on power. It mostly happened when warm, and got much worse at higher RPM, so I assumed it was the pre-cat that had failed, given the already-present CEL for catalytic efficiency.

I don’t think I quite grasped the level of damage in my original estimate. Here’s what I saw when I unbolted the midpipe.

Awesome. Luckily, I’d already wanted to convert the car to Federal emissions. So swapped in a Federal 99-00 header, and started her back up. The problem still existed. After thinking for a bit about it, it became clear why. When this cat had failed, it had shot its dust and pieces everywhere behind it, clogging the secondary cat too.
Alright, at this point, I didn’t want to buy another stock exhaust. With the TT plans in mind, I knew a 2.5 exhaust was in my future, but also wanted something cheap. I went online, and discovered this $300 special. I had pretty low expectations, but after a few weeks, it arrived. The car drives great again, although, I have to imagine I’ll want a different rear section, solely for visuals…
Now that it’s a working car again, time to move on with some track prep, as the season is beginning shortly.

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